Remoter - An alternative to Android AIDL for Android Remote IPC services using plain java interfaces

Remoter makes developing android remote services intuitive without messing with AIDL.

Android IPC through AIDL

Android supports remote IPC using AIDL. This process of using “aidl” is painful and limited.

Some of the problems and limitations of AIDL are :

Remoter - An intuitive way for Android IPC

Remoter solves the above problems in AIDL by allowing you to define the remote interface using plain java interface, and implement it using plain java implementation of the interface.

All you have to do is annotate the interface using @Remoter

public interface ISampleService {

At the client side

ISampleService sampleService = new ISampleService_Proxy( binder );

At the service side

Binder binder = new ISampleService_Stub( sampleServiceImpl );

That’s it!


   * Example of a marker remoter interface that specifies other interfaces that should generate remoter proxy stub
   * <p>
   * In this case no proxy/stub gets generate for Marker, but it gets generated for IBaseA and IBaseB
	@Remoter(classesToWrap = {IBaseA.class, IBaseB.class})
	private interface Marker {

Kotlin Support with suspend functions

Remoter supports Kotlin interfaces with suspend functions. If your interface (marked with @Remoter) has any suspend functions, then the generated Proxy and Stub will be in Kotlin, enabling to call your remoter service method from coroutines.

Kotlin Example
interface ISampleService {

     * A suspend function which will be implemented by a service
    suspend fun authenticate(userName:String, password:String) : Boolean

implementation 'com.josesamuel:remoter-builder:<VERSION>'

//From your coroutine context - 

//create service using serviceintent
val service = ISampleService_Proxy(context, SERVICE_INTENT)

//call the suspend function
val authenticated = service.authenticate(userName, password)

//The above call will 
 - suspend the current context
 - connect to service, 
 - make the remote call, 

 all sequentially without blocking the calling thread!
Notes on Kotlin support

Getting Remoter

Gradle dependency

dependencies {

    implementation 'com.josesamuel:remoter-annotations:2.0.5'
    kapt 'com.josesamuel:remoter:2.0.5'
    //If using kotlin coroutines, include following 
    //to make even the service connection simpler - 
    implementation 'com.josesamuel:remoter-builder:2.0.5'


Copyright 2017 Joseph Samuel

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