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autodroid.annotations.recyclerview - package autodroid.annotations.recyclerview
AutoRecyclerViewAdapter - Interface in autodroid.annotations.recyclerview
Interface implemented by the auto generated Adapter
AutoRecyclerViewAdapterKt - Class in autodroid.annotations.recyclerview


ItemIdRes - Interface in autodroid.annotations.recyclerview
Maps a field in the data class to a view id present in the layout resource for the view holder. Annotate this to a field in the data class used for your recycler view
ItemLayoutRes - Interface in autodroid.annotations.recyclerview
Specify the layout resource to be used in the view holder for an item. Annotate this to the data class used for your recycler view
itemType() - Method in interface autodroid.annotations.recyclerview.ItemIdRes
Specify the type of this field.
ItemType - Enum in autodroid.annotations.recyclerview
Different types of views supported.
ItemType() - Constructor for enum autodroid.annotations.recyclerview.ItemType
Different types of views supported.


layoutID() - Method in interface autodroid.annotations.recyclerview.ItemLayoutRes
The layout resource id


setOnClickListener(onClickListener) - Method in interface autodroid.annotations.recyclerview.AutoRecyclerViewAdapter
Set this to get call back when an item in the view holder is clicked.


viewID() - Method in interface autodroid.annotations.recyclerview.ItemIdRes
The view resource id to map this field to.
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